Buy box of 8 units and sell it as it is or in 4 boxes of 2 units

I have a scenerio where an item is purchased in cases. Each case has 8 packets of an item (say X) with varying weights. Payment to vendor is made on weight basis and so is sales order issued to customers on weight basis when the item is sold. Case of eight packets of item X may be sold to some customers as it is or it may be sold to other customers in a case of two packets of item X. Customers are billed by weight and NOT by pieces. Please help how the item should be setup and how it should be disassembled when required into 4 cases of 2 packets each. Also, what should be item’s base unit of measure, sales unit of measure and purchase unit of measure. Do we use kitting or some other method.

You really should explain this clearly, maybe with an example. but from what you have written, it looks like you are totally confussed by units.

Boxes of 8, Units of 2, 4 cases etc. All these are just Red_herrings that have no significance to the issue.

All you need to worry about is what you buy and what you sell, and in this case you buy in Kilograms and sell in Killograms. Concentrate on this and sort it out. Once you resolve the inventory management by weght, you can then go back and address the pieces issues.

Thanks David and here is an example. I am sure Navision has a solution for it but it’s me that I can’t figure it out.

Example. Buy a box of item X packed in 8 packets with varying weights say 80lbs, 79lbs, 80.5lbs, 79.5lbs, 80lbs, 80.5lbs, 80.5lbs, 80lbs making a total of 640lbs box weight. Vendor paid for 640 lbs

Box of item X is reboxed into 4 boxes of item X which is re-named as item Y. Each box has two packets from Box of item X. These 4 boxes will have varying weights as per the weight of the packets listed above.

Item Y sold to Customer in 4 boxes of 2 packets each as per above and customer pays by weight.

Above raises following issues:

Setup of item X & Y when both are PAID by weight but bought & sold in BOXES. - base unit of measure, selling UOM, purchase UOM … Per your reply, it should be lbs. How do we provide for cycle count which is in cases and in lbs.

Steps / Routine to re-box a box of item X into boxes of item Y.

Hope above explains.

Has anyone used the above type of setup? Most of the grocery stores have this kind of working environment. Please share your views on it.


You buy in pounds, you inventorize in pounds, you sell in pounds. The UOM is pounds.

Thanks David