Button permission - Form 2012 R3

Hi, i have a question regarding the permissions on the form.

There is a form in AR, OpenCustomerInvoicesListPage, where the permission is created for entrypoint , and it has been used for different users. It is working all as expected.

I have recently added one MenyItem button to the Print option on Invoice document group on the Invoice tab. Since there were no needed permissions on any of the design nodes - pane, button group, button option - i was assuming that the priviledges for the button will be inherited with the form - whoever i permitted to view/edit the form can be ble to access button. Yet, after deployment, only sys admins are able to see that new button. I have added other controls to the same design, on the grid, and they all show up for all users.

Am I missing something here?

Other Buttons and other controls are activated through method on Form itself, but no ‘Visible’ property is changed, just ‘Enabled’.

Thanks for suggestions,