Business relations Vs contact records

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What is the differece between Business relations Vs contact records in Ax ?

The contact is the actual person, the business relation the organisation, you can have hundreds of contact records per business relation to emphasise the people you connect with within that business.

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During Go live we need to import the customer / vendor master ? How to link with Business relations ?

Do i need to import seperately or any way to link automatically ?

Please explain

It depends - the scripts posted in MSDN and linked here on several occassions show you how to create them with from memory automatically. All in teh script and what you or the business wants. If you are not using them you would not import them, if you are you would and you need to define your approach.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you suggest me which data i need to import first either Customer or Business relations ?

How to link between these two after import or during import ?

Well the scripts tell you how to do this, creating the BR from teh customer and populating the correct relation tables. Customer then BR. Link during import as one creates the other, if the data is separate you have to look at the linking tables.

What does it mean ?

How to find that link , any manuals are availble ? Can you guide me correct path ?

Look at the link posted to the creation of customers and see if this gives you what you want. You need advice from a developer really, any advice from someone functional may miss out on related and required tables.

Where is the link ?

Point noted , same would follow.

It was posted in several data migration discussions on AX2009 customers. Alternatively go onto Partnersource and search for AX2009 customer migration to get teh example scripts.