Business Notification Subscription

Unsure if this is the best forum but I thought I would give it a go! I have installed Business Notification for Navision following the installation guide. I have added the additions to table 9801 as per topic 12528. I can now start the business notification service. I have also created my own Scheme. The Scheme has recipients that are internal and contained with in the Active Directory Users and Computers. The Scheme is started and I am connected to the server. My next step is to get the internal user to subscribe to the Scheme. I go into IE and specify http://servername/BusinessNotificationSubscribe/ I then log in as a user who is a recipient of the Scheme and in Active Directories. However after logging on the screen is blank, but I am supposed to see a “My Notifications Subscriptions Page”. Anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong, what I need to change or can point me in any direction I would appreciate it!

Okay we ahve kind of solved this. It seems as though the Java components in IE are causing some form of issue. Although we have no installed them all we still cannot see the subscriptions, but if we view through FGirefix we see them fine [:D] So now we have set up the Schema’s, trigger them, get the lines suggested and sent and all I now need to discover is why the email either never gets sent or never arrives [:D]

Okay just to let you know we have finally got this working. We completely reinstalled it. We did a few things different this time so I am unsure which resolved it, but previously we had created a database using the Cronus license and restored Cronus. This time we used a license with Business notification on it. We also installed the IIS Messaging service although we never got any error messages telling us it needed it. We also never found the license table referred to in the manual 2000000009 - it is still not there and it is working [:D].

Just a short message so you don’t feel so alone in this thread. I’m really sorry I can’t help you.

Hi Nelson Thank you for making the posting look a little less sad than it was! Still I sorted myself out and that is usually the best course of action! Steve