Business/Invoice Address Not visible when viewing a Sales Order

Does anyone know if the following is possible.

When you look at a Sales Order in AX, whilst in Line View on Sales Order Header Fast Tab, can you personalise this to show the Business/Invoice Address. I can get the Invoice account number in but do not seem able to get address. It only pulls in the Delivery Address.

The Business address is set as the default & Primary.

When we print our Confirmation (Order Acknowledgement out) the invoice address prints out aswell as the Delivery address). I understand this as we would have stated in the coding/tables for it to pick up those addresses. However we would find it very useful to be able to see this information when viewing a Sales Order. I know you can right click on invoice account number > view details and then you will be able to see address but find this takes time compared to if you could see it straight away.

Much appreciated I anyone has guidance on this.

And where will you say where the order is to be delivered, if you put a different address to sales line’s delivery address?

By the way, which version of AX are you talking about?

How useful how often is the key?

The invoice address is not stored against the sales order, it is written or pulled from the invoice account reference. You could customize the sales order header to “display” the invoice address from the invoice account selected but this is a customization, so you need to justify it by answering the first question. [:D]


We will evaluate if it is worth doing a customisation