Business Connector Auto Start

I’m trying to setup the Enterprise Portal with Axapta 3.0. I can get the portal to work just fine, however, in order to get it running, I have to log into the server, go into component services and manually start the Axapta Business Connector COM object everytime. Furthermore, if I log off the server the Business Connector stops and the portal no longer works. Basically, my question is how can I get the Business Connector to auto start (similar to a service) and to keep running? Thanks in advance, Vu

I figured out my problem. Here’s the solution. Under the Component Manager I tried to change the Identity of the Axapta Business Connector. I used IWAM_ so it would start with IIS. Unfortunately I didn’t know the correct password and any attempts to change it failed. I found a script on the www (forgot the link :frowning: ) that prints out the password. Once I had the password I plugged it in and the Business Connector started up with IIS just fine.

FYI. The user accessing the axapta through the com object has to have administrator privileges.