Business Central Run Time Version issue

Hello All,

I want to make “Invoice Discount Amount” field(actually its variable control) from Sales Invoice Subform un editable. for that I wrote following code and getting error.

Then I changed Runtime Version to 2.2, then I am getting following error.

I want to do this on On Prem as well as Cloud Version. Above scenario is On Prem version.

My VS Code is updated if I check for updates.

What can I do in this case?

Thanks in advance.

This message means that it is your server that does not support runtime 2.2. In this case, you can update your NAV server to version “Business Central Fall 2018 release CU 2”.

Thanks Alexander for reply.

Can I use to update my NAV server? If not, can you please share proper link?

Thanks in advance.

No, your link refers to NAV 2018. You need Business Central CU2: