Business central - need help with reconciling bank statement

Hi, I setup two bank accounts in BC - B1 and B2. B1 is linked to my bank checking account x1001. I am able to import the statements and match with transactions related to B1. However, I made a mistake in the register payment setup, where all my customer payments posting to B2 bank ledger entries instead of B1. there might be about 100s of payments we might have registered/posted to B2 instead of B1. I tried to link bank statement to B2 but doesn’t seem to allow this. I would like to get your thought on how I can do the recon. I would like to avoid having to reverse all the customer payments and register the payments to correct bank account (B1) and then reconcile. Appreciate your thoughts.

Patrick Ann,

Is the issue that the Bank Statement you imported should have posted to a different Bank and G/L Account? So when you imported the statement you uploaded to an incorrect Bank Account No.? It happens. Since the payments are correctly applied to Customer Accounts and the only error is that the Bank Account, I would create a General Journal Entry moving the Deposit from B2 to B1. This is the only error. This would resolve the posting error between Banks and leave the Customer applications alone.

If I am not following the issue correctly, please advise.



Hi Steven, thanks for your quick feedback. Yes I think I could try your suggestion. But let me clarify. Both the bank accounts B1 and B2 map to same chart of account 1010. (correct one). It just that when I registered/posted the customer payments, the balancing bank account was B2 instead of B1. so that’s why I don’t see these transactions when I try to reconcile the bank statements under B1. (In hindsight, I should have disabled B2). So could I be able to move the bank ledger entries from B2 to B1?

Thanks Steven. I think this should work.