Business Central extension ClientAddIns shows up as _Exclude_ClientAddins_ what does it do?

When I upgraded and installed all the standard extensions, there is one that does not show up in Extensions Management, and I had to manually sync and install it.

Does anyone know what it does and why it does not show up?

I ran into this when I was copying a company from my upgrade to a Cronus originated database - all the tables and extensions have to be the same for copy company from one database to another to work.


There are a number of “hidden” extensions (they do not show up if the name has underscore first - I wrote a blog post about it a while back [mention:3c99f2c902374614a52b3159ba5c1391:ca0e7c8086864d2fa5a863b9e212e922]).

Exactly what that one does I do not know. Disables some cloud specific stuff if it’s an OnPrem you look at maybe.