Business Central - ability to edit report 10153 Picking List by Order


I’m relatively new to editing reports in Business Central. I have edited them only in Word, I do not have access to SQL studio. I am not sure where/how entirely that I can get access to ALL reports in Business Central, I have used Custom Report Layout and I know how to edit reports in Word, including copying an existing report, editing it in Word, and changing the default report via Report Layout Selection.

However, I am noww trying to find out how I can edit report 10153 “Picking List by Order” in Business Central. I cannot find this report in Custom Report Layouts, and was only able to find the report ID in Report Settings by following the trail to the employee who ran this report last. I assume it is an RDLC report. I would like to make a copy to Word, and then just update some labels and layout design.

Where do I look for this?


“Unforntuately” not all reports exists in both formats Word and RDLC - And this is one of the reports that only exist in RDLC.

Having said that, I must also add that it is not usually that simple to extend a report. If a field not already is added to the dataset then you also have to be able to code in AL (You have to make a copy of the reports sourcecode, add the new datafields and then “replace” your report with the original one. So generally speaking compared to earlier versions, this has become much more difficult.



Thank you Palle for your response.

Is there a place I can go to see a listing of all reports, RDLC or Word?

I will need to reach out to my third party ISV/CSP for help on this one I guess, or use another report (214 Pick List is another option I guess)

It is a bit frustrating as the report in question is pretty useless without modification, and the other report is not really good enough and is harder to find/navigate to.

I wish there was more “citizen developer” support for this - seems crazy something as simple as a report layout required coding.

I have just been trying to see if a list of Word reports exists. But I could not find one.

BC is an excelllent ERP app - but the report part is not impressive.