Business Analytics with 2 SQL Server Instances on same Server

Hi to all,

I have this problem, thare are 2 Sql Server Instances. The first is SRV01 and is SQL Server 2000, tha second is SRV01\SQL2005 (is SQL Server 2005 clear!).

I’m working on SRV01\SQL2005 instance and I have (on this server) Navision Database (SQL2005), moreover I have BA also. I setupped al properties necessary to run Configurator.exe (for SQL 2005 version).

This version run 2 step: first check link to SQL Server 2005 database and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Server, the second start to create SSIS project for cubes and so on.

Tha first is OK, when start second phase it gives an error. It says that it can’t found database. (It’s searcing navision database throught SQL Native connection).

I think that it’s searching this database on wrong instance, then I tried to create a navision database on SRV01 instance, with this method I resolve the error.

My doubt is that BA doesn’t support multiple on the same server.

Have you an idea?