Business Analytics Ver 400

Hi we have a client who bought the Business Analytics 400 and the Microsoft gave a link to download the exe files, but for last 1 week we are not able to do that. We did write to the Microsoft customer care, but they are yet to respond. If anybody knows the proper link and a better way to download the same, please do let us know. Thanx in advance.

Vijay, this is the link on partnersource, if you have access you should be able to download… check possibly your firewall and proxoy settings, as recently these downloads recently use a “File Transfer Manager”. Saludos Nils

Thanx Nils for the response, but i still cannot dowload the same. I tried changing the proxy settings and every possible thing. Still a error pops up everytime i tried to download from the link. Please do help if you have any info. Thank You once again. Regards, Vijay

Vijay, the download works fine for me… do you manage to download and install the file transfer manager (it’s some ActiveX component)? It really seems to be a port/firewall issue, perhaps you could try some other internet connection… in fact, even the microsoft page doesn’t offer much information on this ( Saludos Nils