Business Analytics & Sql 2005: instance name contains \

I'm preparing a VPC, the computername is TEST and SQL Server is installed on 
it. So the Sql instance is named: 'TEST\SQL2005'

Dynamics NAV 4 SP3 is also installed on the machine. In NAV, I configured BA 
as exaplained in the manuals & whitepapers. When I start the configurator, he 
looks for the SqlServer and does not find it. Errormessage: Could not find 
sql server 'TEST'. But thats wrong, he should look for sql server 
It seems that the configurator.exe drops everything after the \.
Then I thought, maybe its an error in CAL, so I modified the code that 
generates the .bat file that starts the configurator.exe. In that bat file, I 
changed the sql server name from TEST to TEST\SQL2005 and started it manually.
But no difference, it seems like the issue is inside the configurator.exe. 
Then I went on partnersource and downloaded the latest version of 
configurator.exe, but no difference.

Is this a known issue and can this be solved please ? 

Otherwise my last workaround will be to deïnstall Sql Server and re-install 
it with an instance name that does not contain a \.

But ofcourse, for our customers that already have a Sql instance name with a 
\ in it, this is not an option.

SQL Instances are not supported in BA for SP3. But they are supported in NAV 5.0. You can downgrade the objects from NAV 5.0 to NAV 4.03 and use NAV 5.0 configurator. But I didn’t tested it.