Bullzip PDF printer

Hello all,

I am using bullzip printer to print reports to PDF. Now i have number of different reports in a series to be printed to PDF. I could do that too but it is creating separate PDF files for each report. What i want is to print all reports to one PDF file, meaning to say i want to merge the PDFs. Possible?

I use PDF creator, but I think Bullzip works similarly.

The issue is probably that to create one file you need to print one report, because each print job starts a new PDF file. So with NAV its a problem when you have different reports. Bullzip seems pretty powerfull and maybe has a feture to merge files, but other wise you are going to merge as a sperate process to printing.

Yes bullzip has feature to merge pdf files. So while you are printing a report, you can use setvalues() function and specify another pdf file to merge into.

Maybe also take a look at Thomas Brodkorb’s:


PDF solution for Navision for this in the Download section. But there are many other solutions.