Bulk SMS and Email

Hi All,
I have a requirement that I need to send bulk emails and SMS to the contacts in my contact list in Navision. I know how to send an email to one email address using the outlook.
Does anyone know

  1. How to send SMS to a group?

  2. How to send email to a group?


If you are using CU400 then you have option to add

AddRecipients,AddCC and AddBCC…

Regarding the SMS, you have to contact some sms providers like Way2sms etc…


Did you mean Codeunit 400? I have only 397 in 3.7 version. Is there anyway I could pass multiple email addresses across?

try this


Thanks very much indeed. I will try this

Hello there,

You can try on www.cs-networks.net. There is option to send bulk SMS from your web browser or you can download Desktop sender and send it from your PC.