Bulk/Mass/Distributed Consumption - to multiple Prod. Orders

dear pros,

I have been searching to both most influencing forums, but I cannot find answers for the issue I mention above. There are old thread, but also unsolved …

the real life case is, f.g. 1001 upto 1999 has a bom for each of them, B1001 upto B1999. every prod. bom contains paint materials. there are several kind of paint item code, P01 to P60, are used and spread all over B1001 to B1999.

when opening prod. order, there are hundreds or prod. order containing f.g. (prod. order line) from 1001 to 1999. the paint material is used in bulk, a production worker withdraws several kind of paints all at once from warehouse, and mix it, and put it in a silo, and spray it onto the product to produce items f.g. 1001 upto 1999 for various prod. orders.

we have to use prod. bom in order to calculate which paint to order and how many, based on MRP calculation, so we can not take out the paint from prod. bom. in bom, qty per. is a result of external formula, which we process in separate spreadsheet, normally a tiny qty, like 10ML, 25ML, or 250ML.

but, if we use item journal - negative adjustment, the qty issuance of paint is not fulfilling production (components) demand. so when we run Calculate Plan, the pain items (P01 to P60) will still appear as need to purchase. this can cause over purchase and make us keeping to many inventory, if not, it will give us another hours/days of manual work to check against physical - and this is confronting the purpose of having ERP (NAV) implemented in the operation.

what we think we need is, to write / type a bulk qty (like the whole pail of 20 liters) of consumption, then,
we can have a list of prod. order and/or prod. order line (to get the related f.g.), then,
the system will post against those multiple prod. order / prod. order line (f.g.) based on certain method.

I dont care what ‘method’ is, any method is needed to allow this practice.

anyone has opinion on this case? thank you very much.

Why would you not back flush these components and automate it in this manner, you do not want exact consumption you are doing this for cost and purchasing and I guess periodic checks are made on the levels. Been a long time since I looked at NAV but that is where I would start.

so, just auto-flush those materials, and periodically run a stock count. there has been a month stock count procedure in place, so i think this should not be a problem. … but i remember there is a problem in this procedure, … i just cannot recall it now, yet.
OK, i’ll dig into this …

Thanx Steven.