building Retail sales datamart

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to build a retail sales datamart from Dynamics Nav 2009 database.I have done some research and here what I found :

  • I found the master tables which are item, customer , vendor ,salesperson/purchaser (I’m not sure if the last two can be in the datawarehouse.I need your opinion about that)
  • As for transaction tables, I saw on other thread that document tables ( sales header, sales line…) are not used for reporting.Instead, I should use the ledger tables (or entry tables).

I intend to make in my data mart the following dimension : item, customer, date, promotion (vendor or sales person.not that sure ) and sales fact tables that has measure and indicators about :




assets (avoirs in french)

I would like to know the tables that can help me build this datamart.and also what timestamp are used for ?Is it to be able to know the recent data stored to the datamart ?