Build a log table for reports calls


I want to compile stats about all reports calls in Axapta. With all records, i could make queries to know how many time all reports are generated, by who, when, average of execution time, the longest report to generate, etc. I would like to start optimize a couple of reports and this would help me to find if my reports are faster this year compare to last year for example.

I dont want to add code in all reports, is there a place that i could put this ? I need to know when the report start and when the report is over.

I will continue to look for that in Axapta.


Maybe i could put codes just before and after super() line in Classes\SysReportRun\run. or maybe in RunBaseReport.

where is the best place to put codes for that ? i need to be sure all generation of reports will pass through these codes. Report calling from menuitem, from batch, from x++.