bugs on Comm. Portal w1 2.65?

Hi guys, After installing the CP 2.65 (released 13 July 2001)I have been trying to browse the website (NCPI). The first time I browsed the catalog, I could browse items, see pictures, see new items/pictures updated on the webpage. Now pretty much any page (except the first catalog page and the second page displaying Items by classes) gives the error: ----------------------------------- NCPI *The page cannot be displayed *We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact our webmaster. No reply received from Navision ------------------------------------- I can see the xml requests getting stuck at the jobmmq message queue. Restarting the syncrhonization service, NAS - nothing helps. Moreover if I make new items or change description etc. it is updated on the first/second pages of the catalog. But if I try to click on a particular item to go to the card, it gives above error. It happens on if I log in as a customer user and edit records, etc. Has anyone tried CP 2.65? Please suggest where I can try to fix this bug.

Have you checked the eventlog? Check that the NAS service has started without errors in the eventlog.

Also, reload the site by open global.asa in notepad, move a line and back and then save it. goodname