Bugg with Date in Daily journals (AX 4.0) ??

I don’t really know where to put that question… I put it there (it could have been HotFix and upgrade, or end-user question)…

I found an interesting behaviour in General Ledger/Journals/DailyJournals with the date on the line that change automatically with the one in the last line entered…

More precisely, here is what happen:

1- I create a daily journal: the purpose of the journal is to enter office expenses for the month…

2- I enter a first line with all the informations: date (which depend on tyhe expense date), account, … blablabla

3- I create a new line, entering the appropriate information… and the date on the second line is different from the one in the first line

4- After creating this second line, I select the first line to review my information (sales tax for example)… And here is the best: when selecting another line, the date on the selected line automatically changes for the one in the line previously selected…

Well… it is quite anoying while entering data… anyway, it is not something that changes after journal is posted… And it doesn’t happen all the time… When entering a payment method or an invoice number, the problem is not there… It only appears when only the base data is entered (no more than what is on the overview table)

I am not sure it is a logical behaviour… I talked to other functional people… and to developers… and they started looking at that to see on a technical (code) stand point what happens…

I also checked with Microsoft… and am waiting for a feedback.

Do you have an idea? I think it is a bugg (It is definitively not a behaviour that fits with the concepts and the logic in Axapta). Just imagining data migration, through journals… when dates change… [:D]

Or am I completely wrong on that one?

For information, I run Axapta 4.0, SP1, all modules and full licence…

I think you will find that AX will only allow the change in date once the voucher balances.

You could put an offset account for each line (you can specifiy this on the header before you begin)


i have some serious problems so i thaught i would post them here.

First of all i work as a Navision Developer but the problem is that i had been assisting my seniour sir but he left the office unexpecteldy so all the pressure is on me to deliver. The thing is, programming, i think i will manage in time but the problem is system analysis and designing.

I have two other coworkers both as financial consultants but both are new but i have some experience of about 9 months.

My office usualy deals with NGOs and INGOs so it would be very helpful if anyone can help me out here!! What I am looking for is some documents that will help me to do the anslysis and designing part in Navision 4.0 for the NGOs and INGOs.

I would be greateful if i could even get some suggestions on how to progress and take some forward steps.

thank u

hope i will get some help

All my lines where with an offset acount and voucher balanced…

The only moment dates don’t change is when I enter more information like an Invoice number or a document date… but when entering miscelanious expenses… there is no more than the ledger account and its offset, sales tax information, date and amount…

I mean that, as it is just when I enter a certain type of information, the problem seems to be there. Anyway… it is just anmother of this anoying part of Axapta, the same as the date of the expenses that doesn’t appear on the invoices (Project)… or other stuff like that.

So… so far… no idea if it is normal or not? For what I think, it is not logical spêaking of Axapta concepts… but, anyway… we live with that [:S]

Hi Magali,

I tried out your problem in the logistics end of things with a simple mouvement journal on which I had a number of lines with different dates - when I went in and out of lines there was no sudden date change such as you expereinced for finance.

Looks like it is a bug, but maybe for that particular module only - it will give something extra for the finance people to grumble about.



What you described above is not normal behaviour. If the journal type is set to draw a new voucher when the voucher balances you must use the same date for that voucher and AX will enforce that. If you are using an offset occount for each line you should be able to change the date (this has been the behaviour since V2.0).