Bug with decimal in CODBC (2.60D)

I have huge bug in C/ODBC version 2.60D. And I need help. I am trying to use Delphi7+ADO+CODBC for importing/exporting some data from/to Navision database. Navision’s version is 2.60D. Problem 1: When i am trying to write values into “Decimal” field, my NT service hangs without any error reported. Problem 2: When i am using SQL-statement (UPDATE) for updating data - nothing happens in database. But with direct modifications all works: Delphi code: //------------------------------ q.Edit; q.Fields[1].AsString := ‘Some value’; //q.Fields[2].AsFloat := 4568.89 //<- service stops responding q.Post; //------------------------------ I am tested same procedure with “CODBC 3.60” - all works fine. Which version of “2.60x” are fixed? Where i can get this versions? Please e-mail me, if you have working version. Also i am trying to use C/FRONT OCX (2.60D), but this is HUGE headache. In this case my nt-service stops responding very often without any visible error.

This bug exists with “Code” datatype too! Please help! Where i can get “2.60E” or “2.60F” versions of C/ODBC? If you have this versions please e-mail me! P.S. Only one solution i found - use only “Text” fields.

Yes, it’s a bug in 2.60 D In 2.6 E, it’s corrected I have it, but don’t find my cd :confused: