Bug??? SO invoice with qty 40, but lot transactions qty is 1

Hi all,

Have you ever seen this bug?

I post SO invoice with qty > 1, but when inquiry lot transaction of all lines, qty is only 1.


Which version are you using?

AX 2012, Kiran

Did you manually key this data into AX?

Have you any customizations?

Yup, the end user keys manually. We didnt have any customization on this. Just few SO have this issue

Is the line posted as an invoice? It looks like it is, so the lot transaction is from a posted invoice - so what was invoiced, what is the status of the order line, are there any UOM conversions - did the user alter any quantities through the pick/pack/invoice process?

Can you reproduce it on the same item consistently?

You can see 4 lines in Invoice line with qty 40, 20, 20, 20. But in lot transaction, qty of 4 line is 1. the UOM for inventory and SO line, invoice line is the same. They didn’t post pick and pack and SO status is invoice too.

Can you reproduce it on the same item consistently?

We cannot reproduce when we want. But we have lot of SO with different items have this issue.