Bug in print archive?

Hello together,

I’m using Dynamics AX 2009. If I want to print an external letter (e.g. purchase order) to the screen (printer) and to the printarchive (printJobSettings → restoreReportInPrintArchive) I have the following situation:

  • I have the report two times in the print archive

  • One report with data (OK)

  • One report without data and the status (canceled by user) → not OK

Does anyone know, how I could solve this problem? Is there a workaround?

Additional tests have shown, that the method element.reset() in the fetch()-method could be

the problem…!!!



Hi Marco,

I have the same problem here. After printing a report to the print archive using x++ or using standard functionality I get two entries in the archive. One is OK and the other is empty.

This is especially annoying as I’m trying to get back the JobId of the resulting PrintJobHeader-entry by calling SysReportRun.jobid(). This always returns “0” but is known to have worked in previous versions of AX. I guess it has something to do with the problem above.



Hi Christian,

i know that this a bug in AX (info from microsoft). if you only want to fetch the

correct print jobs, set a filter on the status field (! canceled by user). you also have the option to delete these




Hi Marco,

Thanks for your info about this bug - at least I know I’m not to stupid to use the print archive correctly ;-).

The main problem for me with this issue is, that I need to know the JobId (RecId of PrintJobHeader) after posting a printjob to the archive. I use SysReportRun.jobId() after executing the report with SysReportRun.run() but SysReportRun.jobId() always returns “0” (probably because of this print archive bug).