Bug in NF2.5 SQL?

Perhaps it’s a bug, perhaps it’s a “feature”? Anyway, like to share the experience, somebody else may benefit. For a customer we have developed a kind of authorisation method to post invoices. A field that shows the User table as look up, current user picks his/her name from the list, then in the OnValidate trigger a check is done if User ID in the field equals the USERID from the system, then more checks are done. Sounds simple? It is. And worked without problems in C/SIDE. But at the customer, they persistenly got the message that the names didn’t match. The cause turned out to be that NF 2.5 SQL returns the USERID systemvariable in lowercase, whereas the User ID field (type code) in the Users table is in uppercase. Running under C/SIDE both are uppercase. Solution was, of course to add a few UPPERCASE(USERID) statements, but strange it is. Anybody can think of a reason for this behaviour? John

Weird … Try this : From Microsoft Query Analyzer type in the following query : SELECT * FROM [User] and press F5 to execute Now how your password are stored in SQL ? Are they UPPER case or in lower case ? Tarek

Sorry I meant USER ID and not password Time to get some sleep I guess :slight_smile: tarek_demiati@ureach.com

Same experience, same solution (use of UPERCASE in compare statements…) Peter