Bug in Navision 4.0?

Hi. I think there is a bug in Navision 4.0 Make an normal sales order in Cronus. Make a normal sales line with any item. Set quantity to 1. Then, go to the item no and enter the same item no again on the same sales line, bascily validate the no. field again. The quantity is not changed, but outstanding quantity and Qty. to ship is set to zero. I can’t override this. I have to set quantity to 2, and then back to 1 in order for the Qty. to ship field to update itself. I have tried the same procedure in 2.60 and 3.70 and it works there, the Qty. to ship field will still be 1 if I enter the no again. Anybody else discoverd this? Anybody with a workaround? Best regards, Thomas Jensen Norway.

Hi Thomas, there is a KB article: KB 890022 (in the MBS-Microsoft Knowledge Base) there is an “improvement capability” in the OnValidate-Trigger of the field “No.” of table Table 37 Sales Line: IF (xRec.“No.” <> “No.”) AND (Quantity <> 0) THEN BEGIN // Delete IF Quantity <> 0 THEN BEGIN // Add br Josef Metz

Yes i found the same problem, If you validate the No. twice, the sales lines becomes unusable and have to delete it, as you found out have to change the quantity. MS said it has been fixed in SP1. Or you can follow JM advice.