bug in check in Financials US Ver. 2.6

There has apparently been a bug in the check report in Navision Financials since Version 1.2. Specifically, if there are more than 10 lines listed on the stub, the second page is kicked out before the PrintCheck executes, and the next page only has a voided check. This continues with each logical page consuming two physical pages. The problem is that there is not enough space for all of the lines of the check when the “transport” line is printed. When this occurs it, of course, puts the logical check numbers out of sequence with the preprinted numbers on the check stock being used. Also the check says “total” instead of “sub total” on the interim pages. We have fixed the page problem and will give a copy of the .fob and the .txt file to anyone interested. Also we have a modification we are willing to share using the format stub-check-stub. We print Vendor No., Vendor, Check No., Check Date, and Our Account Number on the stub heading. We print [the vendor’s] Invoice Date, Invoice or Cr. Memo No., Description, and Net Amount as field headings for the lines of the check stub. (Discount could be added easily) The Description comes from the “Your Reference” field. The Invoice and Purchase Invoice have the header modified so that the “Your Reference” field, a 50 character text field, is exposed on the header form and labeled “memo”. You can even add text to the field as a posted invoice. This text is copied to the description field of the payment journal. Whatever is finally in the payment journal Description” field when the check is printed will be written in the description on the check stub. If anyone is interested in these two modifications let me know and I wil email you the files. Weston@trustedbis.com Weston M. Binford, Jr weston@trustedbis.com