I tried to start using Budgets in AX.

I want to create a new budget, I went to the LEDGER BUDGET form and started entering the details.

In the date field automatically the date is showing as TODAY’S date, now when I try to close the form, it is giving an error message " BUDGET REVISION DOES NOT EXIST FOR THE CURRENT SYSTEM DATE AND THE BUDGET PERIOD SELECTED"

Please advice



Yeah this was an Issue in 2009 but in SP1 it was corrected. In 2009 u were supposed to fill in the exact date what u wanted, before moving out of line.

But if wanna make change click on Edit. U get an option just to change the date.

When you check the Revision check box in the Budget Model Form

you have to assure that the session date is included in the revision date period.

you can see these data in:

  • the (Budget Model) form:

General Ledger → Setup → Budget → Budget Model

and clear the check box of (track revision) or leave it checked and go to :

  • the (Budget revision) Form :

General Ledger → Setup → Budget → Budget revision.

and assure that your session date is included in the Period of the revision date.