Hi …

I am new to navision.i have a query in setting up budgets:

While setting budgets i am entering date and end date on the same form.now i need to use this budgeting thing in a purchase order.So,i want to know ,the Date field on the budget form will refer to which date on the purchase order???

Any help for me?

On creating Purchase Order, system do not check the budget. But if you have created budget for Purchase Accounts and want to get difference between budgeted Purchase and actuals, then Posting date on the Purchase Order will be considered.

I have actually tried it but the budget constraints which i have set are working irrespective of the Posting date.They are working just for any dates

Did you write ay code to do the checking, if so, check you code which date you are check, if you have not written any code system will not check, on standard system the on creation of Purchase Orders there is no checking with Budgets