Budgeting error


I’m getting the following error message when trying to do a manual journal entry:

“Transaction 2014-GJV-00010 exceeds the budget funds available for dimension value 545000- by 400.00 QAR.”

I have setup the budgeting for 510115 (and not for 545000). When I do a journal entry with 510115, the budget check is happening correctly.

And when I do journal entry for other accounts, the budget check should not happen because I have not defined any budget amounts for them. But, here, the budget check is happening for all of the P&L accounts and I get the above error message. For example, if I give 1000, the system says it is exceeding by 1000 and if I give 5000, the system says it is exceeding the budget amounts by 5000.

Please help.




I have the same problem, did you find any solution for this case?

I believe it is because your budget configuration is not done properly.

when you don’t define budget for X account system assumes that you have 0 budget for this account and when you try to post a journal with 500 then you will get this error because your budget is exceeding.

To avoid this - go to Budget control configuration form >define budget control rules, then exclude the accounts for which the budget is “0”.

which means, you are telling the system to not perform budget check on these accounts.

You have allocated budget funds for main account dimension: 510115 and enabled the budget control in parameters.

Now trying to post the expense entry for another main account 545000 which does not have the budget funds allocation. So it considers as 0 allocated. Now anything beyond zero would result in exceed right since the budget control dimension is Main account. That is how budget control works!

Read these: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa549062.aspx


hey Santosh,

I have same issue and what you suggested in you post, that option is not available in budget control configuration.

I want to exclude those all accounts which budget is zero means i didn’t define in budget register entries.

Right now after requisition approved auto PO should be create but due to this budget error my Purchase order is not going to create.

I have set “Allow over Budget processing” option in Over budget permission parameter but still it’s not allowing.

Please help me and suggest me what i’m missing??