Budgetary Control in Navision

Is there any means of maintaining Budgetary Control in Navision Financials 4.0? For instance, while entering a journal for an expense, I want system to check against budget in order to decide whether to allow for this expense or not. Is it possible in Navision? Urgent, please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

Standard Navision doesn’t do this but I’m sure many of us over the years have done mods along these lines. I think there is an old Aston add-on that did some budget checking but this was through Purchase Order authorisation. If you do go down this path there are a lot things to consider, not the least being does it apply to every journal entry for every expense account, which budget are you comparing to and on and on. Cheers Peter

Thanks for replying. This budgetary control will apply all my expenses. It may not necessarily be restricted to journals, it can also be at the time of creating an invoice in Purchase and Payables. Rgds Bea