Budget uploading

Please excuse the simple question. We’re using Financials 2.00a. I’m using dataport to upload budget entries into tables 95 & 96, however I currently have to specify the Entry No. in table 96. Can dataport automatically select the next Entry No. without resorting to code, or if code is necessary, soes anyone have an example I could use ? Thanks.

You have to make this yourself: Before staring the import you have to find the last “Entry No.”. Before inserting the new record you have to put the last “Entry No.” into the new record and increase it by 1. — But there is another way: Import your Account No. and Budget Amount, e.g. into variables. Get the G/L Account, set the Date-filter and the Budget-Filter and then calculate field “Budgeted Amount”. Now validate this field with the Budget-amount, that you are importing. Now a new line has been inserted into table 96, and the budgetted amount is the amount that you imported.