Budget submodel

Hi All ,

I am creating the sales budget for Quarter ( April - July ) in the accounting period 12-13 . So have created the Budget model like SALBUD -APR 12. But i could not understand the Budget submodel ?

How can use the Budget submodel ( explain with an example ) ?

After creating the budget , users would post the actual transactions to G/L account . Now my question how to see the Actual Vs Budget ( form level / Report level) .Pls tell me path ?


Hi Ameen,

There are different options on how to use submodels for budgeting, such as (a) Generate a total budget for the company that consist of subbudget models for sales, inventory, expenses, etc. (b) Create a sales budget and use subbudget models for different areas (Europe, Asia, US…) or divisions of your business. You could also create subbudget models for different departments, etc. There are also different ways how to setup budgets (historical vs. zero-based). So, there is no general answer to your first question => it depends on your business.

A comparision of actual and budget data can be done e.g. in financial statement reports that you can setup in the GL. When setting up such a report, create one column that holds actual values and another one that holds your budget values.

Hope it helps.


I’m kind interested with this budget and working on it right now? can your provide guideline or step by step guide on how can I perform this as I m seriously new in AX 2012

Dear Karlax,

I want to know more about budget functionality, could you please help me on this.

As per the client requirement, they asked me to map the budget control for all the main accounts (includ… Assets, Liability, Exp, Rev, Capital account). when I set up the budget control configuration, it is allowing me to add only one Account Structure for Budget control.

After finishing the Budget configuration set up, i try to update the budget register entry by selecting different account structure (Cash Account) & the accounting type asking two - REVENUE or EXPENSES. After this i go for budget control check its not validating.

In my company set up we have 19 account structure, Different set of account structure with dimension. Totally 10 Dimension.

Whether the budget is only applicable for Revenue or Expenses based on the Budget Control Configuration set up.