Budget Status Issue when submitting to workflow

Hi All,

The budget check is passed when i am creating the purchase requisition but After submitting to workflow the budget check status is false.

I have created the Purchase requisition in Procurement and sourcing module…

Procurement and Sourcing->Common->Purchase Requisition->All Purchase Requisitions…

Please suggest me how to solve this…?

Any changes to the workflow?
Try debugging \Data Dictionary\Tables\PurchReqTable\Methods\getBudgetCheckResult

Any changes to the workflow means…?
I have debugged in that method…

Any customization’s to workflow?

So what did you found?

No customization in workflow…The ‘BudgetCheckResult’ value is ‘passed’ but in WF the value is ‘Failed’.

Can you tell me how the Budget status of the workflow will be updated…?

Were you able to submit? Which field you are talking about?
Please post a screen shot.

Hi Kranthi,

Pls see the below screenshots…

In Requistion the budget check is passed…

In workflow…The status is false

It seems you have a conditional decision in your work flow. Look at your workflow setup/configuration and check on field you have the conditional decision.

I have checked the conditional decision and its also referring the same method of PurchReqTable…I am unable to find out the exact issue…Pls suggest me…

You may have to debug and check why the method is returning different results before and after submission.

Hi Kranthi,
It is working fine for first five times…After that its not working correctly…

Then you should identify the difference between fifth and sixth time (in data and code execution).

Hi kranthi,
I have added the new condition to the purchreqreview workflow using PurchReqDocument class.I have used the ledgerId for the BuyingLegalEntity field of PurchReqLine…But when we validating the condition,the condition is evaluated to false…
But In normal process the company id is always ‘DAT’…

Hi Kranthi,
How can I debug the code while submitting the workflow(clicking the submit button).?

Have you tried by keeping breakpoint here,

Hi Kranthi,
I have found the solution for this…Thanks for ur all the replies…
The batch process checks the 'XXX’company instead of the 'YYY’because it considers only the company in which batch process is created…So I have created the new placeholder using the document class for the workflow and used the LedgerRecId of BuyingLegalEntity field instead of Current Ledger(Ledger::current())…It is working now…