Budget guide - Help for a new user


I was wondering if someone could direct me to a guide or resource online that describes step by step the process for creating a budget in Navision, ideally by importing from Excel?

Recently I’ve joined an organization that has undergone a major restructuring, and no longer has on staff a Navision expert. I’ve been charged with the task of investigating the technical requirements and method of establishing a budget in Navision. My knowledger of Navision is fairly limited but I’ve used GreatPlains before and have a basic understanding of accouting software.

I’d also like to ask if there are any limitations on what a non ‘superuser’ can do in the budget creation process.



BTW I should also mention that external training or counsel is not an option, we are on a deadline and have not been allocated any additional resources beyond our salaried hours.

The documentation is available on CustomerSource if your company is paying its yearly enhancement fee. Depending on your version, the Help menu is also pretty good.

Oh thanks for the quick reply Matt. I’ll need to investigate the CustomerSource site further, at this point I can tell that the some fees are being paid on an annual basis.

We are using version 5.0.

Also I discovered that I am not a superuser so it may be difficult to test the budget upload process.

I’ll keep you updated and if any other users have a suggestion I’d appreciate hearing from you.