Budget form and G/L, dynamic columns

Hi. My customer thinks the Budget form with all its flexibility is a good tool. You can choose periods, filter dates, dimensions and so on. Now he wants the same functionality, but with the g/l!!! First and foremost just the net change for each account spread over each month of the year with drill down capabilities. Dimension filters and the other stuff, I can add later. I can’t use Account Schedules because of license. Anyone with ideas? Any pointers would be very helpful. Best regards, Thomas Jensen Norway

Hi Thomas, Dimensionanalysis gives you exactly the functionality you wish. You could take a look into this area. Or look into the budgetform it self, and create something similar, only based on G/L Entries, and not G/L Budget entries. However I think it’ll be more cost-efficient for Your customer to accuire the standard functionality of Dimensionanalysis, rather than to have You develop similar functionality from scratch. regards Alexander

What about the several forms that you can access through the Balance menubutton when standing on the Chart of Accounts window? There are a handful of different views of the G/L available there (including Dimension filtering capabilities). Aren’t they usable?

Jensen, you will find that it will be easier, and definitely cheaper to buy the approprate Navision granule than to try and invent it all again yourself.

I would still tell your client to at least play around with the G/L Balance by Dimension window first. It looks as if it does pretty much everything you described. Or did I miss one of the requirements?..