Budget control on release PO from approved PR

Hi all,

Can you please help me?

I need to perform budget checking on release PO from approved PR. And if over budget error, then PO should be not created.

I have already tried to set up that exceed budget error could be shown when releasing new PO (click OK button on Add Vendor form), but unfortunately PO has still created.

I need advice, are we really need make customization or what kind of configuration that I should make in standard AX 2012?

Thank you ^_^.



On the budget control parameter, on the source document tab, have you checked “Enable budget control for line item on entry”? I hope that should work, system should red flag PO lines which is surpssing budget.

Also, i will suggest to have budget control on PR itself. This will give better control, normally in business, the purchasing team verifies the budget before approving a requisition.