Budget Control in AX2012

Dear All
Any one knows about the AX2012 Budget Control for Purchase Requisition & Purchase Order
Below is my case

· I created work flow for Purchase Requisition & also configure the budget but the problem is when the budget is exceed system gave the error message but system also approve & complete the requisition but not process the purchase order.
I want to stop approval process when the budget is exceeded; another thing is I’m not using encumbrance & pre-encumbrance process.

· How I load the budget through excel.

· Another case is, if the budget is exceeded someone approve & overwrite the budget & continuously the process without enter Budget Register Entry.

Please help…

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May I know, how have you configured workflow approval ???

We even have Over budget permission functionality in Budget module just check with this. And importing of Budget’s using Excel has few constraints, instead you can use DMF (Data MIgration Framewrok) take help of your Tech team to get this done.