Budget Control in AX 2012

Hi All,

I have done set up regarding Budget Control in AX 2012.

I have taken Main Accounts and Business Units as Budget Control Dimensions.

I am registering a budget entry in say Ledger ‘A’ + BU ‘X’ combination.

When I am posting an expense entry for for Ledger ‘B’ + BU ‘Y’ or for Ledger ‘A’ + BU ‘Y’ then also it is showing warning message for budget excess.!!

Can any one help which set up do I required further.!!



Hello Experts,

Plz help on budget control configuration for Ledger wise and Dimension wise as mentioned in earlier post…



I have made all set up as shown in manual but still if I activate budget control and made entry for Ledger X, system is stopping me to book expense against ledger Y.

Is this a bug which came across by anyone.!?

plz help.



May I know which version that you are working on?


What is the setup you have defined in budget control rules and have you selected any particular main account in select main account section?

I guess there must be some problem with the budget control rules?


Thanks for replies.

Santosh, I am working on AX 2012,R2.

Pranav, I have not selected any specific combination of Account Ledger and Dimension value.

I got hint from above and did settings in budget control rules and it seems it is working fine.



HI Jainal ,

Could you share me the settings what you have done in the budget control rules ?

Thanks in advance.

In the budget control rules, you need to define GL and other dimensions for which Budget Control is required.

And by doing that, just pass budget register entries.

At the time of invoice posing budget control will be checked in that combination only.