Budget Add-on for NAV 2009


Anyone using a Budget Add-on for NAV 2009 that they would recommend?



Navision has its own “out-of-box” Budgeting functionality - is this not enough for your needs or you maybe haven’t even looked at it?

Hi Ed,

Did you find a different add-on for budgetting?

Hi Erik,

Centage Corporation - http://www.centage.com.

Regards, Ed


Product you mentioned seems not to be a real an AddOn for Navision - it is standalone product, with linking capabilities, and one way only, from Navision.

Looks like Navision own budgeting functionality is more flexible - you can easily compare yor budget to real-life figures, whereas Centage’s product only captures your CoA and balances, and current balances for comparison must be imported again & again to restore sync with Navision data.

What specifically in the NAV budgets functionality that you find missing? What is the client requirement that cannot be addressed in NAV budget?

Navision build in budget tool is fine, it does the job! But not much more. Even if you select to use it with the build-in Excel integration.

But it’s not enough for advanced budgeting. Sure you could do that by creating something advanced in Excel.

My previous job (at a public listed company) decided to integrate their Navision to SAP SEM to get the budgeting and financial simulation features they needed. And it wasn’t because we didn’t know how to do a few changes to the build-in features. [:)]


My client wants to block the creation of PO, Invoice and journal entry for the accounts having insufficient budget. Is there any solutions within the standard NAV functionalities or customization is required?


No, standart Navision doesn’t have such functionality.

Invoices can control credit limits / overdue balances, but checking insufficient budget is not so simple - you must check Invoice as whole, every line in it, somehow distinguish different Amounts against Budget positions (maybe by Account/Dimensions combination). That means, checking must be “live” - maybe first 3 lines match budget, but as you add 4th it’s over limit. Situation becomes even worse, if you have many users working concurrently - while one begins to enter Invoice it fits budget, but suddenly another manages to post his one first and “takes” all budget…

This must be partly done at administrative level - as accountants doesn’t make decisions, in tight / low budget situations they report about insufficient funds. Moreover, if in real life the transaction has already been completed, ERP system must not block it’s entry only because that causes overbudgeting.