Browsing the content of a single folder


I’m quite new to Axapta. I just made a few tables and forms, and I already need some help.

I need a file dialog, which has an initial folder, and which will list only the contents of this initial folder, and will not allow changing the folder. Is this possible?


You can see an example of a file dialog in tutorial_Form_File form. You can’t prevent users to change the folder in this dialog, but you can validate whether the selected file is in the expected folder. I even don’t think that the normal file dialog in Windows supports what you want.

You could simply read file names from the folder and show them in a ListBox or a ListView.


Thanks for your response. I already saw the tutorial you mentioned, and I am able to open a normal file dialog. Probably I will try to read file names into a ListView, as you suggested.

Thank you!