Brio Reports and Navision Database

I need to create reports using Brio and the tables in Navision. Are there any user groups that can help with tables and extracting data and etc? Thanks…

I haven’t touched Brio in a while but I suspect the first step will be to use either C/ODBC to let Brio suck out the data or to write dataports to dump the data out to text files to load into, say, an Access database which Brio could connect to. Django

I figured out how to identify the tables and fields that are necessary for building reports. If there are any others out there that may need this info, please let me know and I will forward what I know.

hi please forward me the procedure u followed. at Hari

I also once tested BRIO with Navision. One important point is your setting on the Identifiers field on the Option part of your DSN. m_quial