Box Management through WMS - Ideas

Hi all!

I need some ideas here. I am using WMS and I want yo be able to follow my items through boxes. BOX is not only unit of measure but also a way for me to know what I have inside my box.

In fact, I buy my items in DZ , I receive boxes so i need to be able to scan my box and the system must know what i have inside. In the warehouse, my movements are done with boxes. I can scan also packest in the box, i can open box to refill another box.

Sometime we can have incomplete box meaning that the box is open and istead of havinf the full size 120 packets there is only 80 packets.

So questions are:

  • How can I set up or built something in Navision to follow my box? I think of using Lot #for that ? any ideas??

  • I want to follow the box number also so when i ship soemethingI can know from which vendor the goods casme from as they receive goods inside boxes ans then ship out same boxes . ( My client is a distributor)

All suggestions or Add On ideas are welcome.