Bottom of the Report

Hi Guys, I got a small Problem in creating Reports,I have created a report,in that report i have used 13 body sections of one data item,but the problem is i am getting lot of blank space in the bottom of the report.I kept as the Bottom margin as zero then also i am getting lot of Balnk space nearly 2 to 3 inches in the bottom.I didn’t put any footers or group footers.Does any one have idea how to solve this problem.Please help me. Thanks in Advance. Mohan Babu

Hi, If you use a showoutput(false) Navision blanks the line but counts it for its remaining lines measurement! The only method I’m aware of is the following: use several dataitems, one for each body you want selectively discard, and then with CurrReport.Skip within the appropriate dataitem skip the printing of the body. With this method Navision doesn’t even reach the sections. I’d suggest you use the dataitem (table)INTEGER several times (one for each body) with different names (in the right column in the report designer sheet), don’t forget to set the property MaxIterations = 1, otherwise you will produce an endless loop. Hope this helps. Torsten

Hi mohan! You can also set the property “KeepWithNext” of your body-sections to “No”, maybe that helps?! Regards, Joerg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP Edited by - stryk on 2001 Apr 03 10:14:08

The body sections should not have any white space (blank lines without any control). Only then Navision does a proper job with SHOWOUTPUT. John

Hi Guys, Thanks for your help,I solved the problem using Integer table. Thanks Mohan Babu