borders in report & showoutput

Hi! I am working on a report which requires a border to be given to the whole page.The report in itself has different types of grouping and hence there are many sections(of both body&footer),coded to show or hide as per the requirement.the client also needs only two (grouped)records per the sections are so made that when 2 records are printed the whole page is filled up along with the borders. sometimes there is only 1 (grouped)record in a page and so the footer border ends up getting lifted up. i have tried using the placeinbottom but then the borders of the footer and the body just do not converge to give a continuous border. I have tried using a footer with just borders in it so as to show when there is only 1 record in a page…but i observed the most funny thing: as soon as i add a section,only 1 grouped record fits in the page and the no. of pages doubles with some pages having only the footer in them.this behaviour occurs even if i code the newly added section as showoutput(false).ie. as soon as i add a section anywhere, and even if i dont show it,the report goes haywire. please help me as the requirement of printing borders in the whole page is a very stringent one and needs solution asap. also, is it that the sections, when they are showoutput(false), do take up space in the report output but become blank and get pushed to the back(like compressedarray) ?? or am i doing something wrong? sorry for such a huge description but i hope u get an idea of the situation.

Try inserting a new ‘integer’ Data Item called PageLoop (or something like that) on the first line. Set this to only have 1 iteration. Indent all of your other Data Items under this PageLoop. Now in the section designer you can have headers and footers on the page that act independantly of the footer you are using for the data -john

hey…thx for the tip.i fixed the report anyway. i had made one footer to showoneverypage. this was interfering with whatever sections i displayed in a,some new transheaders and codings later the problem was solved. was very simple.sorry to have bothered for such a petty one…but this one was really driving me crazy.