Bookings vs. Billings

Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way of tracking both Bookings (sales based on orders) and Billings (sales based on invoices). Is there a way to accomplish this in Navision? If not, does anyone know of a third party solution?

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You could do it by using Blanket orders as the main tracking mechanism, but it is not an ideal solution.

Instead I have always done it by creating a new table (Sales History Line) that is much like the Sales Line. Then when an order is created, you set the original orders line and qty etc. When/If it ships, you update the Actual qty converted to a sale, and then once invoiced, the Billing, this gives you Orders, Bookings and billings in one table that you can now crete reports from.

So long as you keep the table simple (no dimensions, and minimum keys and data) then the performance is pretty good.

One piece of advise, DON’T try to use change log for this.

By the way is this in anyway commissions related? I have done the mod a few times, and the core reason came down to either calculating commissions or trying to measure the performance of Sales People in taking and converting orders.

Keep in mind that the biggest issue, is that if the Navision order is not billed, then there is no record left to contain the “Original Ordered Qty”, which is why I have always found it necessary to create a new table.


Thanks for the help. I like your idea of creating the new table. This will end up being for tracking commissions and just reporting the ratio of what has been booked vs. billed. This will make my report very simple to write.

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I was guessing that. Its the most common requirement. Just create a table that is created and updated based on changes to Sales line.

Oh and if you can, make the primary key an integer (like an Entry table), don’t make it a big long key like table 37 becaue it will start to slow down the system as you get a lot of history.

Thanks again for all of information.

You are welcome. I have done this a few times before, so if you need more help, just ask away.

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We track bookings on a separate table. Our EDI enters lines on the Blanket Orders which are deleted from the bookings table and renetered. The problem is that if the customer still shows the EDI transaction and it has shipped, it has entered a new line on the bookings table thus giving an overstatement of bookings. Any thoughts on correcting?