booking purchase invoices

Anyone know if the latest version of Navision has functionality to post/reverse unauthorised purchase invoices?

In most large companies, it is important to book the purchase invoices and then send them round the company for authorisation.

Ideally the system should offer the opportunity to enter the invoice details as normal but without sales lines and:

Post the invoice total value to accrual and accrual balance G/L Accounts and when the invoice is authorised, enter the order lines and post as normal, this will reverse the accrual entries.

At the moment, the client is entering the details onto a Purchase Invoice with the total being entered against a suspense account but the invoice is not posted until the authorisation is done and then the temporary suspense line is deleted. There is no visibility in the G/L.

They hate this and demand a “proper” method as described above. They are on 3.10

So, has there been any development for this problem in the latest versions anyone know?

The client is willing to upgrade.


Something similar I have used --for different purpose, but anyway-- before Prepayments were introduced.

Scenario is as follows:

  1. enter PO fully (all lines)
  2. add 2 lines with type GL Acc, which balance out each other to some suspense account.

This is almost as you described and found not rather applicable, BUT - the difference is, that first of 2 GL Acc lines IS posted immediately, thus hitting GL.

Then, if accepted, you simply post the PO - as after 1st posting Navision automatically restores Qty/Amt to Post fields to remaining unposted values. If not accepted, user must zero out Qty/Amt to Post for all lines but the remaining 2nd GL Acc line and post it.

I don’t know, how it’ll be working together with now introduced Approval mechanism, but maybe it’s a rather easy way to accomplish what your client wants - as GL is hit, and PO lines are present for approvers to examine…