Booking advance against sales order in NAV

Dear All,

My customers are required to pay booking advance as a commitment to buy goods.So for every sales order there is a booking money. They are different from prepayment as I do not make partial invoices. I just use cash receipt and show it as an advance from customer which will be applied when invoice is posted. In this situation when i create sales order i need to link the cash receipt to the order. Is there a standard way of doing it in NAV or need to make some modification?

Please share your thoughts.

What I would suggest is create a special no series to enter a advance payment if necessary (for reporting purpose). later as you post the order/Invoice use the Applies-to Doc. Type field and the Applies-to Doc. No. fields to to set off the advance payment .

Kindly activate the above field on Sales order /Invoice forms.

Dear Amol,

Thank you for your reply.

I am looking for something different… I want to attach order no to the cash receipt so that each cash received can be traced to the particular order against which the booking has been made. If i am not wrong creating seperate no series alone wont help to track cash receipts one to one with the order.