Bonus Qty in Sales Order

Dear Friends
I have to implement following option in Sales Module (AR) of Axapta

Once a customer reach certain level in Amount of Invoice, they will get bonus qty from one group of product. Once customer reach any level of bonus eligible amount, customer will get bonus qty of chocolate. Customer have freedom to select their choice from different chocolate products. for bonus eligibility, amount only the consideration.

Bonus qty level
2000 SR 1 Box of chocolate
10000 Sr 10 Boxes of chocolate
20000 SR 25 Boxes of chocolate

How I’ll implement this in Axapta?

Whether I have to customize the sales order form or there is any configuration option to do the task?

I appreciate your valuable comments.

Abdul rahman

Even on the face of it you would need to modify it.

See supplementary items in standard AX,
Sales order lines → calculations → supplementary items