BOMs with Warehouse Management

Has anyone modified the BOM to work in the warehouse management function of Distribution?

yes we have developed BOM functionality in Advanced distribution similar to standard financials BOM. we are in the final stages of testing. Kartikeya Pasumarti Datahelp Inc 520 290 8870

Hey Mike, Call me on this. I’ve got an NSC that has basically gone thru all of these issues and fixed these areas and a great deal more. Edited by - Muzzy Dawg on 2001 Dec 18 15:21:01

Hi Micheal, We have finished testing and BOM is available for use in Advanced distribution. Contact me for further details. Regards Kartikeya Pasumarti Datahelp Inc 520 290 8870

Hi, Currently we have a 3.60 client that wants to use BOM’s with WMS, but that doens’t seem te be integrated. I have seen that there is a ‘solution’ for it in 3.70 (location card, inbound/outboud BOM location). I have two question: - Am I correct that it is not possible in 3.60? - Could you elaborat on the add-on you build?