Hi, I’d like to know how many item-BOM (ex. a bicycles) could I product with the components that I have in my inventory. Is there a way? A report or anything else? Thanks

Inventory or Production BOM? (Although from memory neither is available as standard, although the CTP could be used if it is a produciton BOM).

Hi Steven, in my inventory i have components for bycicle production but i don’t have bycicles. I product them when a client order me (on request). Can I know how many bycicles I can product with components that are in my inventory? CTP give me a date when I’ll be able to satisfy the order if i miss a/some component/s , right? I’d like if there’s a report or a field which calculate how may bycicles, starting from components, I could product. Thanks for your help

bicycles, not bycicles. I apology for my mistakes. It’s early in the morning…[xx(] My mind and my fingers are still in bed.[:D]

Steven, the more you answer me, the more number of stars you get[:D] Take your 2 stars back[}:)]

Hi Alberto For two more stars I have to post more than Erik which is another 600 postings - please do not ask that many questions! [:D] Essentially as the standard system goes the answer from your perspective will be no. I suggest you modify the BOM quantity explosion report and add the inventory level, however you will have to be very careful to net off considerations such as outstanding production orders, other sales orders and any other consumption method that will affet the inventory, as well as the relevant location.